Monday, January 30, 2017

Moda Ribbon Key Fob

You know all of that Moda ribbon that you have been hoarding from all of your pre-cut bundles? Well, my friend, Jen, at Heritage Threads, and Chrissy, at Sew Lux Fabric, are encouraging you to put it to good use! They're hosting a MODA RIBBON CHALLENGE on Instagram! 

These key fobs are a quick and easy project that I came up with for the challenge. Seriously, you can make one of these in less than ten minutes, once you have all of your supplies together.

This is what you'll need...

One piece of fabric 12"x4"
12" of Moda ribbon (I cut mine on the 12" marks)
One key fob hardware set
A pair of pliers and an old rag, used to attach the hardware

I bought a package of Dritz key fob hardware sets at my local JoAnn fabric store.

Step 1: Fold fabric in half lengthwise and press.

Step 2: Fold outer edges to the inside crease and press again.
Your fabric strip will now measure 12"x1".

Step 3: Pin your Moda ribbon to your fabric strip.
(Honestly, I'm not a pinner. This step is for those of you who are.)

Step 4: Stitching close to the edge of the ribbon, sew the Moda ribbon to the  fabric strip.

Step 5: Press well and trim the ends. 
I trimmed my ribbon at the 1/4" mark and the 11 3/4" mark.

Step 6: Fold fabric strip in half and insert into the hardware.
I put the end that starts with 1" on the top side of the hardware. (The bottom side has the "teeth". You'll be able to see the difference.)
Cover the hardware with a cloth to prevent scratches and use the pliers to flatten the hardware, starting in the middle and working to the outside edges.
Check the fabric strip to make sure it is secure.

Step 7: Add the split ring (and a cute little charm) and you're finished.

I'd love to see your finished projects! Use the hashtag
on Instagram!

Also, check out the hashtag 
on Instagram to see more fun projects made for the challenge!